Tom MacWright

I'm Tom MacWright. I work on tools for creativity at Mapbox. This is where I write about technology and everything else.

Simple undo and redo in ClojureScript

Feb 07 2016

Recently February

I'm putting 40 projects up for adoption

overextension, focus, time Jan 30 2016

Big 2

a performance optimization for the minimal presentation system Jan 25 2016

documentation.js 4 beta

previewing the next version of documentation.js Jan 24 2016

Flow in Mapbox Studio

observations from using a type system in a large JavaScript application Jan 05 2016

simple geographical data for web maps Dec 13 2015

Recently December

documentation.js 3.0.0

A big release of the JavaScript documentation generator Oct 30 2015

Groovy, Teen Mom's final album

My band's album for free Oct 21 2015

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