Tom MacWright

I'm Tom MacWright. I work on tools for creativity at Mapbox. This is where I write about technology and everything else.

Recently October

I have used all the todo lists

In which I write about what I liked and didn't like about Things, Todoist, Omnifocus, 2Do, TaskWarrior, Clear, and Todoist. Sep 10 2015

Recently September

Canvas animations on maps

Part two of my series about using canvas for visualizations, this describes how to use geographical projections to overlay data onto existing map layers. Aug 31 2015

Practical ramda - functional programming examples

Ramda is a second-generation JavaScript library for functional programming. We're using it in Mapbox Studio to great effect, and given that functional programming libraries are often documented with mathematical or abstract examples, I think it would be useful to give some examples of how. Aug 27 2015

Mapnik's Second Act

Mapnik is a low-level server-side rendering library that generates maps for Mapbox, Mapzen, MapQuest, OpenStreetMap, and basically every website with 'map' in the name. Now that more maps are rendered on the client side, a review of Mapnik's other superpowers. Aug 25 2015

Map Codeflow

A description and demo of how the next generation of vector map stylesheets work. Aug 17 2015

Simple undo in JavaScript with Immutable.js - the video

There's now a video version of my Immutable + undo guide. Aug 17 2015

Canvas Animation

The 2D Canvas API is a fantastic tool for implementing animations of all kinds. With a few tricks, you can write animations for the three big output formats: the web, GIFs, and video. Animation is flashy and fun, but it's not magic. Aug 14 2015

Recently August

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