Tom MacWright

Tom MacWright



About me

I’m a developer, writer, and tinkerer who works at Mapbox and makes things. I have played in a band that released three albums, rallied for open laws and succeeded, written code for understanding and interacting with statistics, sleep, the earth, open data, manners, music, and more. For a while, I was involved in the d3 community and used it for complete websites, like iD, which has been used by over 125 thousand people to edit OpenStreetMap, and, the simplest way to edit geographical data. Now I work on user-facing products like Mapbox Studio but also the tricky stuff that underlies it all, like documentation, and rendering systems. Unless otherwise noted, I take the photos, draw the illustrations, and write the articles on this site. I foolishly believe in the open source dream and the kingdom of ends even though they’re both rare and difficult.

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This website is built with Jekyll and not much else. I use affiliate links to attempt to pay for the domain registration.