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Presentations for Busy Messy Hackers

Big is a minimal presentation system with a simple rule: the text on every slide is embiggened until it fills your screen. It works pretty okay with focused presentations and plenty of narration, and it will make long bullet-lists look terrible.

You create presentations with big by downloading it and editing simple HTML: div elements become slides. You style your presentations with CSS, just like web pages.

Then you can either post your slides to GitHub to share with the world, or boot up a local development server to conference-wifi-proof them.

Quick Start

curl -L http://bit.ly/big-quick > index.html
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

(then open localhost:8000)


Plugins and Riffs

Don't like typing HTML? You can use biggie if you want and type Markdown instead. bigpy does it in Python.

Don't want to spend time designing stuff? big-themes has some precooked styles.

Want something else? Check out Weenote, stack, and showoff. There sure are options nowadays.

Nerd Stuff

Big is 1.1KB and 46 lines long at last count. It's written in vanilla JavaScript with no frameworks and no hijinks. It supports touch and permalinks to individual slide pages. It's licensed PD and is ready for you to hack it into something beautiful or monstrous.

Big is awesome because awesome folks have helped out, and you can too: fork big on GitHub!